Glenn's Picks

My suggestions for my customers is the same thing I would do. It’s fun for me and I am sure everyone would also enjoy. After a short walk down Esplanade Ave admiring the ambiance a quick stop into Port of Call for my favorite walk around drink. The tequila based Red Turtle. Refreshing and cool with a sweet and sour type flavor. Strolling thru the Quarter in the day there are always new things to be seen. They were always there but new things are always noticed. Shopping on Royal St is always satisfying. There is something for everyone. Stopping in to hear the blues is the best bet for music. It’s everywhere from street corners to popular bars. Answering questions and talking with tourists along the way is quite rewarding.

Time for a snack it’s cerviche from El Gato Negro. Also cool and refreshing. Keeping cool in New Orleans is quite a chore in itself. Remember not to eat too much in one place because you’ll nose will tell you there is something else to try along the way. Just outside is the French Market with Items from all around the world with plenty of local food also. At the other end of the French Market is my favorite watering hole MRB with my favorite bartender Kelly. A very nice lady that’s always smiling and very friendly. It’s a local hangout with very reasonable drink prices. At dusk it’s time for an old drink. Absynthe. The best thing before a Haunted tour of the Quarter. After that it’s quiet time in Storyville’s garden. A cool drink before a relaxing sleep. Then it is tomorrow with an unlimited number of choices to start another day. New Orleans has something for all your senses. The sights, aromas, taste and sounds will keep you occupied.. Always remember… If you are not having fun….it’s your own fault.

Cindy's Picks

French Quarter
Coops Place 1109 Decatur “where the not so elite meet to eat” Bar/Restaurant they smoke all their own meats, all food is great, try the Jambalaya and Smoked Duck Quesadilla. Favorite bartender-Faye

The Pelican Club, 312 Exchange Place, upscale, don’t miss the SCALLOP STUFFED ARTICHOKE
Seared Sea Scallops served with Lemon Beurre Blanc appetizer, I like sitting in the front piano bar.

Harry’s Corner Bar 900 Chartres St. a good corner bar, with great service. A locals place. Cash only

Touché Bar in the Royal Orleans, 621 St. Louis (but the entrance is on Royal St. ) Donna, the bartender is a favorite!

Museums/Art /Antiques etc. – National WWII Museum- 945 Magazine St. I’m not a WWII buff at all, but this place is fantastic.

Ogden Museum of Southern Art 925 Camp (right across the street from WWII Museum) Every Thurs. from 6-8 is Ogden After Hours live music. A few of the performers: Coco Robicheaux, James Singleton , Little Freddie King, Theresa Andersson, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Jim MccCormick, Anders Osborne, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes,

M.A. Rau Antiques 630 Royal St. This is the kind of place that I will shop when I am a multi millionaire. Everything here is incredible. A must see!

A couple of other suggestions
The Irish House 1431 St. Charles (on the streetcar line) . Brunch Sat. & Sun.- love the eggs benedict & great bloody mary’s. My husband likes the full Irish breakfast.

The Kingpin 1307 Lyons St. (Uptown) My neighborhood bar. Great bartenders.This eclectic neighborhood bar serves free food during New Orleans Saints games and hosts food trucks several nights. Anthony Bourdain did an episode here.

8 Things You Should Travel With

No matter where you’re traveling next, there are a few things you can add to your grab-and-go bag that will make everything run a little more smoothly. Meet eight items that will turn you into the MacGyver of the vacation set.
Power Strip Outlet shortage at the airport? A multi-socket power strip helps share the juice from a single public outlet. Forgot your charging iPod in your hotel room? By plugging all of your electronics into the same place, you’ll be less likely to leave one behind. One catch: Abroad, you’ll need to use an adapter and a converter.

Bandanna The list of obvious uses for a bandanna is long—hand towel, lens cleaner, eye mask, hair tie, headband, scarf, cooling device (when dampened)—but this versatile carry-on can also work in a pinch as a pillow when you tie it around a bundled-up sweater, as a sling for a sprained arm, and even as a hobo handbag to tote your belongings

Duct Tape From bandaging up exploded luggage to removing lint from clothing, duct tape earns its all-purpose reputation. Carry a small roll (about $5) with you to patch tears in shoes, bags, or clothing; baby-proof your hotel room by covering outlets and securing drawers shut; hold together a well-worn guidebook when the spine gives out; and more.

Travel Mug To prevent damage, transport sunglasses or delicate souvenirs in an empty travel mug with a wide mouth—just make sure it’s got a secure screw top. During your trip, the mug can be an ecofriendly to-go cup or a great decoy for stashing valuables in your hotel room (a coffee-stained thermos is an unlikely target for thieves)

Moist Towelettes They aren’t just for babies! Not only can you sanitize your hands and kill germs on tray tables, doorknobs, tabletops, and other public places, you can also use them as a refreshing face cloth after a day spent in transit. The alcohol in many wet wipes helps remove ink stains in a pinch, too.

Silicone Travel Bottles TSA-approved mini bottles are old news to an experienced traveler like you. But their rigid plastic shells waste expensive moisturizer, sunscreen, and hair products that can’t be squeezed out. Enter squishy travel bottles made out of transparent, soft silicone: easy to clean, more flexible to pack, and good ’til the last drop.

Safety Pins The safety pin: a multifunctional travel tool. Clasp the zippers of your day pack together to deter thieves; use in place of a missing button, zipper pull, or to mend other wardrobe malfunctions; tack kids’ pant legs up when hiking through mucky terrain; even prevent static cling in a dress or skirt by slipping the safety pin into the seam of your slip (the metal has repelling properties).

Tote Bag Many shops abroad charge extra for single-use plastic bags, so BYO bag with an expandable tote. Bring one that’s tough enough to toss around as a carry-on and handle farmers market, picnic, and beach items, too. At trip’s end, cordon off the dirty laundry inside your suitcase to preserve the freshness of any clean clothes that are left.